Become a Covid Champion

Sat 17 Oct 2020 - posted by Hannah

Milton Keynes council are looking for 1,000 local people to become a MK COVID-19 Community Champion, to protect themselves and care for others as we all work together to control COVID-19.

Help make a difference

In light of increasing infection rates and changing restrictions, keeping up-to-date with the latest advice is more important than ever. Become a Covid Champion and you’ll receive weekly communications from MK Council, with the latest information, national and local guidance, analysis, research and advice. You can then share that knowledge with your family, friends, colleagues and local community.

It won’t take up a huge amount of time, but it could really help make a massive difference in helping to keep our families, friends and communities safe. 

How to become a Covid Champion

In order to become a MK Covid Champion, you must complete the following:

  • Read through the Training Booklet - linked below
  • Watch the 'COVID-19 in Milton Keynes' film - linked in the Training Booklet
  • Complete the short assessment – linked in the Training Booklet

Once you have completed the three steps above, you will be awarded a COVID-19 Community Champion certificate.