Joy Of Moving Programme





MK Dons SET in partnership with EFL Trust and Ferrero UK deliver the Joy of Moving programme to thousands of school children in Milton Keynes.

According to research only 30% of boys and 25% of girls aged 5-7 meet the recommended quota of exercise each day. Such inactivity levels are leading to a variety of issues affecting both physical and mental health.

The Joy of Moving programme is designed to help children develop their physical, cognitive and social skills in a fun and educational way. This is done through two national projects, Move & Learn programme and the Joy of Moving Festivals that engage 70,000 children nationwide each year. 



The Move and Learn Programme is a national school-based educational programme for children aged between 9-10 that has been developed by the EFL Trust and Ferrero.

By combining six weeks of practical sporting sessions with classroom sessions, the programme encourages physical activity, promotes nutritional education and builds awareness of the importance of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

In the 2017/18 academic year MK Dons SET worked with 28 schools in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas, engaging with 1452 school children.



Our Joy of Moving Festivals compliment the Move and Learn Programme. Taking place predominantly in the Summer term, the Joy of Moving Festivals involves the full school from reception all the way through to Year 6, and even the teachers!

The Festivals help develop each child in five major areas: physical fitness, motor (bodily) coordination, cognitive functions, creativity (mental reasoning), and life skills.

The Festivals first piloted in 2018 reaching out to hundreds of schools nationwide engaging thousands of children aged 4-11. MK Dons SET delivered festivals to four schools, accommodating a total of 1107 children.  

If your school would like to benefit from this project please contact our Health and Inclusion Officer
Email or call: 01908 622938