Ring of Steel

The state-of-the-art Stadium MK opened in 2007, in the same year as Milton Keynes reached 40 years of age. To celebrate these important occasions, artist Gordon Young has designed a major public artwork called Ring of Steel.

A not-for-profit public art project in partnership with MK Dons, MK Citizen and Milton Keynes Council, the Ring of Steel was created by the internationally recognised artist Gordon Young, to celebrate the 40th birthday of Milton Keynes.

Spanning the circumference of Stadium MK brilliant open concourse, the Ring of Steel includes over 50,000 faces that will retain a place in Milton Keynes’ history. The artwork will be a snapshot in time of our young people and the wider community. These portraits will be set in steel for years to come.

Ring of Steel is a one-off project which will never be repeated.

Want to know where your face is?

Please search using the first initial of your last name:

If you are having trouble finding your name, or for some reason it doesn't appear on the spreadsheet then please don't panic. We are sure it is there, it may just take some extra searching. We are aware that some names haven't been including to the spreadsheet due to the vast quantity.