MAN V FAT Football: Season 1 complete! Don’t worry – Season 2 is on its way!

Tue 19 Sep 2017 - posted by Stefanie Duffy

On Wednesday 13th September MK Dons SET celebrated the success of MAN V FAT Football; season one which saw a total of 76 men playing each week and between them they lost in excess of 390KG!

This was the first ever MAN v FAT Football scheme in Milton Keynes. Local men who want to tackle their weight issues now have the chance to join this incredibly successful weight loss league. With 95% of players losing weight and some players losing up to 70lbs during the 14 week league, it’s no wonder that the Football Association have officially endorsed the leagues. 

Andrew Shanahan, Managing Director of said, "We're thrilled to offer this to men across the UK. We've seen that MAN v FAT Football can have an incredible impact on the health of our players with 95% of players losing weight and 93% reporting health improvements from curing sleep apnoea to huge improvements in blood pressure and joint pain. Across 2016 our players lost more than 7 tonnes in weight and we know that we’re going to smash that in 2017 with leagues like the one in Milton Keynes” 

MAN v FAT Football will take place for a second season at Leon Leisure Centre in Milton Keynes from the 25th September and runs every Monday at the leisure centre from 8pm-10pm for 14 weeks. It costs £9.99 to register and games cost £6 per week.

The sessions will be delivered by MK Dons Sport and Education Trust coaches, so come along and join others in your weight loss journey.

Players can register at and they can get more information by calling 0845 163 0042 or emailing

The only thing you have to lose is weight… 

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