MK Dons SET provide Bleed Kits to the community

Mon 6 Feb 2023 - posted by Dan

Throughout December, MK Dons Sport & Education Trust raised awareness for violent crime within our city through sessions, workshops and educational visits.

Since the success of hosting the Knife Angel at Stadium MK, which promoted an end to violence and knife crime, SET aim to continue this campaign since the Knife Angel’s departure. The aim is always to prevent violent crime occurring, however, these crimes do take place.

MK Dons SET look to provide as many bleed kits to the communities of Milton Keynes as possible. Bleed Kits can save lives of knife attack victims whilst emergency services are in response. The average response time for a knife attack is seven minutes whilst a knife victim can potentially bleed out in two or three minutes.

The bleed kits, which will be found at local sports centres and clubs, shopping parades and community buildings, contain life saving equipment to administer basic first aid. The equipment has been proven to work and save lives, during December a life was saved in Milton Keynes using one of these bleed kits.

In order to distribute bleed kits across the City, MK Dons SET will work alongside the MOTO Foundation. The MOTO Foundation invited local initiatives and charities to apply for funding, the foundation kindly donated £1000 to MK Dons SET in order to purchase and distribute bleed kits in Milton Keynes. The MOTO foundation, ‘the charity side to the MOTO company stated that they wanted to support MK Dons SET in the fight against knife crime.

For more information please contact MK Dons SET Custody Coach, Paul Stewart. or Click Here