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Friends of the Trust.

At MK Dons SET, we offer a unique CSR initiative that allows companies to make a positive impact in the local community while promoting their brand. Partnering with us allows you to support a charity while engaging your workforce in exciting sports education programs. Through our CSR initiative, you'll receive recognition, engagement opportunities, and other benefits while making a difference in the lives of those around you.

Our Packages.

 We offer a unique opportunity for your company to give back to the community through our charity-focused sports education programs. Not only will you be supporting important causes, but you will also receive a range of benefits designed to promote your brand, improve staff engagement and support personal development.


Our Members.

Join our 2024/25 Friends of the Trust Members that contribute to making a difference within our community.


Brioche Pastier Pitch 

MK Dons SET Principle Partner

Here at Brioche Pasquier we strive to immerse ourselves in the surrounding community and as MK Dons SET's Principal Partner, it allows us to do exactly that. We are proud to partner with a charity that truly believes in improving the lives and experiences of the local community through their life-changing programmes in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. 
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